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Secure, prebuilt checkout by Xendit

Xendit Checkout is a fully hosted checkout page optimized for conversion in Indonesia and the Philippines. Leading merchants use Xendit Checkout to securely accept payments both online and offline-to-online.

Xendit Checkout is trusted by major brands in Southeast Asia

Certified and regulated by local and global authorities

Convert higher and launch faster with our prebuilt UIs

Abandonment rates can be as high as 70% – we reduce that by optimizing for conversion in Southeast Asia. Consumers prefer local options – accept dozens of local and global payment methods in Indonesia and the Philippines with one simple integration.

Development resources are scarce and expensive. Launch with Xendit Checkout in hours instead of weeks, and save hundreds of developer hours. Our team of developers, designers and analysts aggregate insights from millions of consumer touch points to give you and your customers a smooth, easy experience. We’re continuously optimizing and adding new payment methods, which become available to you with no additional development.

Payment Link UI

Increase conversion and drive sales

Increase conversion with more payment methods, built-in localization, and optimized flows. Use our reminder emails to increase payment rates and reduce cart abandons.

Launch faster, focus on your core

One single integration for regional payments. We handle different payment flows for Virtual Accounts, Retail Outlets, eWallets, Credit Cards and Direct Debit in Indonesia and the Philippines

Upgrades & maintenance included

Payments are constantly changing. We continuously update features like PCI/DSS compliance and up-to-date payment instructions for Virtual Account and Retail Outlet payments. We obsess over and continually improve load times, add new payment methods, and streamline the end user experience.


Xendit Checkout is completely free to use. No set up fee, monthly or maintenance fees, no hidden costs. Just pay for successful transactions.

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